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Sheep & Goats


At Angels Rest Homestead in Mena Arkansas, we raise Kiko goats, Barbados Blackbelly sheep for healthy red meat and chicken for eggs and meat. A variety of vegetables and fruits, grown as organic as possible create the full “Farm to Table” experience.


Blackbelly Sheep and Kiko Goat farm. We are working the land to be more aware of what we eat and the footprint we will leave behind.


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we are the stewards of the land

About Us & Our Mission



After a decade’s long journey, that touched many places and cultures, like Germany, New York, The Caribbean, Florida, just to name a few, and included workplaces in the hospitality industry, restaurants and digital design services, we found our little piece of paradise: a small farm in rural Mena Arkansas.

Call: 321-888-6181 

The question was: how can we do our part, to make this World a place, where our children and their children can have a safe and sustainable existence, a place that can produce healthy food, in a natural, low waste environment.

Our Livestock

American Blackbelly Sheep

Blackbelly is a breed of domestic sheep that originated in the United States. They are known for their lean and mild-flavoured meat and are becoming more sought after. The blackbelly sheep are very disease resistant and parasite tolerant, and these genetic traits have created a demand for Blackbelly sheep. These sheep can be raised with very little grain, and do not require intensive management.

Kiko Goats

The Kiko is a breed of meat goat from New Zealand with parasite-resistant genetics and excellent maternal traits. Their hardy disposition allows them to thrive in climates where other goats do not. The Kiko breed, coming from a dairy background, is also proving valuable to southern dairy herds in providing parasite resistant dual-purpose dairy and meat offspring.

What’s happening on the land

We are striving for a simple lifestyle that is filled with love, family and improving our quality of living on the land.  Building the farm foundation, gardening, raising animals, preparing yummy and nutritious food, canning and preserving our harvest, helps us grow at Angels Rest Homestead. 

Our Blog Post has more about what we are doing. 

100% New Zealand Kiko

100% New Zealand Kiko, ZEUS is 7 months old and will be our future herd sire.

The Star Surprise

The Oberhasli is a modern American breed of dairy goat.
No more buying milk at the grocery store.

Barbados Blackbelly

Just arrived from Texas, our future breeding stock:
Purebred Barbados Blackbelly sheep.

Livestock Guardian Dog

Meet Georgie, he is an Anatolian/Pyrenees mix and started his job here in December 2020.

Tending OUR

Land & Livestock

Sustainable Living

Using our own well water, growing vegetables without the use of pesticides or herbicides, raising livestock in an ethical way and avoiding the use of single use plastic, are just a few examples of a variety of ways, we try to create a well rounded sustainable lifestyle that aims to reduce the use of Earth’s natural resources and our environmental impact. Any fruit and vegetables you produce will have a much lower carbon footprint than food you can buy in the supermarket. By composting, we return everything that comes from nature, back to the earth and letting it biodegrade into soil.

Roaming free range

is the best way to raise healthy and happy chicken. A variety of breeds supply us with plenty of nutritious eggs and delicious meat. They are accompanied by some Guinea fowl, the best natural way to keep your tick population under control.

The Herd

Kiko goats are primarily raised for meat production. Did you know that goat is the most eaten meat in the World? It is naturally lean, very nutritious and has a range of health benefits. The meat has less fat, less saturated fat, more iron, plenty of vitamins (Vitamin B and Vitamin B12) and nutrients and about the same amount of protein compared to beef, pork, lamb, or chicken. So other than fish, goat meat is the best meat to consume

The flock

Our Barbados Blackbelly sheep are hair sheep, raised for meat production. A young sheep is known as lamb, whereas mutton is a term used for the meat of adult sheep. Lamb meat provides high-quality protein and all nine essential amino acids your body needs for growth and maintenance. It is also a rich source of many vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B12, iron, and zinc.

For Purchase

Black Belly Sheep

Ramone --- SOLD

Herd Sire – proven
DOB – Jan 2020

B-boy --- SOLD

Herd Sire – proven
DOB – Jan 2020

ram lamb - intact

American BB Ram Lambs

9 months old $225
6 months old $180 

PB Barbados Blackbelly - SOLD

Take advantage of this opportunity to add superior genetics to your Barbados Blackbelly Sheep flock.
Meet “Aiden von Angels Rest”, pure bred Barbados Blackbelly
DOB 06.11.21  / BW 3.25 lbs. 1st of twins
Sire: Jude von Lone Star Ranch
Dame: Rhiana von Lone Star Ranch
Can be registered.
Registration cost not included in purchase price.
$300 Ready to go to his new home in October 2021
Located in Mena, Arkansas

For Purchase

Kiko Goats

Starter Herd - SOLD

The perfect Kiko goat starter herd!

Commercial buckling, ready to breed.
Cruiser black DOB 01.02.2021

Commercial young does
Brandy white with brown DOB 12.29.2020
Lollypop all white DOB 05.23.2020

All Dewormed and CD&T vaccine


Casper --- sold

Herd Sire – proven
DOB – March 2018

Rolo - SOLD

Herd Sire – potential
DOB – May 23, 2020

Chewy --- Sold

Herd Sire – proven
DOB – March 2018

Latte - SOLD

Herd Sire – potential
DOB – Sept 12, 2020

Clover - SOLD

Herd Sire – potential
DOB – Feb 14 2020

Billie the Kid --- SOLD

Herd Sire – potential
DOB – Sept 12, 2020

Purchasing Notes


If you are interested in buying one of our animals, you are welcome to visit us and check them out.
To reserve an animal we request a $50 non refundable deposit, that will be deducted from the total price at final payment.
Payments can be made by cash, PayPal or check. Please send checks by mail early enough to clear before pickup.

Picking up or Delivery

At reservation, we will discuss an estimated date for your pick up in Mena Arkansas.
We can also deliver to you for distances not greater then 250 miles. The cost for delivery is $1 per loaded mile.
Before delivery can be made, all payments have to be done in full, including delivery cost.

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